Customized Strategies

Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC will develop customized strategies for optimal sustainability at your organization. We will translate values into vision and strategies. Examples of our work include:

On-site Program Support: For Pearlstone, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC is embedded as Director of Community Sustainability and provides strategic and programmatic support to engage Baltimore’s Jewish community in developing, implementing, and continuing sustainability activities. The emphasis is on the facilities and programs at the 180-acre conference and retreat center. Our work includes:

  • Providing on-site sustainability services to enhance the wellbeing of building occupants
  • Benchmarking annual energy consumption and identifying opportunities for energy conservation measures
  • Creating educational material for improved waste prevention
  • Facilitating the Pearlstone Sustainability Coalition and the Green Wellness Team
  • Promoting solar projects such as community solar and on-site solar
  • Facilitating a Green Loan Fund
  • Educating staff and guests on topics of sustainability
  • Conducting environmental advocacy education

Services include sustainability assessments, green team and stakeholder engagement, sustainable operations, policy development, project management, community engagement, advocacy education, and meeting facilitation. 

Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection

Over a four-year period, in partnership with Clean Health Environmental and the Maryland Patient Safety Center, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC provided a customized strategy for the Clean Collaborative project. The focus of this project was to improve the cleanliness of healthcare facilities, reduce the incidence of healthcare-acquired infections and promote best management practices to participating healthcare facilities.

The Clean Collaborative was an excellent tool for bringing together environmental services professionals and infection preventionists from healthcare facilities around the common goals of infection prevention through enhances policy development, program management, data collection, and analysis.

The facility implemented engineering controls and behavioral changes as a result of the Clean Collaborative educational process; and through the systematic approach of the Clean Collaborative, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC helped identify opportunities for additional improvement.

At the completion of Phase I of the project (two years in), Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC led the effort to successfully publish the results of the Clean Collaborative in the Journal of Infection Prevention as well as trade publications.

Services included project management, research and analysis, grant support, case studies, articles, and educational material.