Ethics and Environmental Records of Video Conferencing

Ethics and Environmental Records of Video Conferencing

The United Kingdom’s Ethical Consumer investigated, scored and ranked the ethical and environmental record of 21 video conferencing companies. Its findings, issued in a recent report, indicated that no brands were awarded Best Buy status and there are some interesting recommendations for alternatives to the big corporate players in this rapidly-changing market.

The guide does suggest one company to avoid which is the subject of a boycott call by Ethical Consumer for its tax avoidance and for unethical practices in every one of the rating categories. Can you guess where your favorite video-conferencing platform stands?

Here are three criteria to look for when choosing a platform: (1) Is it open source? (2) Is it encrypted? and (3) Does it meet your needs?

Here are the criteria for what not to buy: (1) Does it support tech monopolies? And (2) Does the company support the extraction of fossils fuels?

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